It blows my mind that all these streetwear brands have the exact same phrase plastered all over their websites.. "ALL SALES ARE FINAL".

Like bruh, the customer always comes first. At least I think they should. 

I offer hassle free returns and exchanges. If you are a Canadian or United States shopper, returns and exchanges are free! International shoppers have to pay the return shipping costs but no worries, just get a basic shipping service. 

Why do I offer this? As a brand owner, my products and the customer experience I provide should be enough to prevent from a return happening. Regarding exchanges, I try my best to create a good size chart to minimize the need for exchanges. 

To date, I could probably count on two hands how many people have requested a refund and I have had 9000+ orders! So why not give shoppers the opportunity to return their orders? 

I just think it looks grimey and sketchy when I pull up on a site and I see "ALL SALES ARE FINAL". It plants a seed in my mind that the brand knows there is an issue with their product so they are protecting themselves from losing the sale, post purchase, when in reality, not offering a refund option may lose you the sale before you even got it. 

If you do decide you want to proceed with a refund, please email me at NABEE@NUNCHUCKNABEE.COM with your order number, and let me know if you are seeking an exchange or return. 


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