First of all, motivation IS NOT developed.. Motivation is HARNESSED.

It must be harnessed towards something you LOVE and BELIEVE IN.

Without absolute love and belief, you won't find the motivation necessary to make it happen.

Let's break down why:

Firstly, in order to be motivated enough to succeed you must spend a ridiculous amount of time honing your craft, but what crazy ass person is gonna spend all day for 1095 days (365 x 3) doing something they do not love.  

Second of all, I promise that no homie is going to pursue something everyday for 3 years straight unless they absolutely believe it will work and that success is inevitable. 

A ridiculous amount of time and effort goes into succeeding at your goals, and without a love for it and an absolute belief, I hate to break it to you, but it won't work out. So make sure to find what you love and believe in. 

To be honest, I never really LOVED fashion, but my time and effort was put towards something I LOVE, which is the freedom to express myself and work on my time, not someone else's. It's about more than just clothing and fashion for me. I want to CREATE ON MY OWN TIME. I may reach a point where I design a home, a race car, furniture for my home, or even a building!

I wake up everyday and create product tags, clothing designs, I coordinate content production, website development and much more. The process of creating whatever the fuck I want is what I love and believe in. 

 You got this homie! We can all achieve anything we believe in and love. 


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