My first release of 2022 is my first attempt at a Puffer! This down filled and water resistant puffer includes pants and a pull over coat. The coat has removable sleeves so you can rock it as a vest, along with a removable hood/mask and a fluffy fleece inner liner throughout!

The loudest part of the outfit has to be the hood/mask. When I first sketched the idea this part, I told myself I want do the complete opposite of what a traditional hood looks like, which is rounded and has an open face. I settled the square shaped, close faced idea for that reason. After getting my first sample, I knew it was going to be a hate it or love it piece which is why I made it detachable. Let me know your honest opinion about the hood/mask in the comments below!!

There is a lot going on with the coat so bear with me while I break it down for you.

I had a tough time deciding if I wanted to make a vest or a coat, since I only had enough funds to focus on one or the other. Took me a good minute to realize I can just make a coat with removable sleeves!

I also added a turtle neck to the coat because I personally hate scarves and also wanted to have a bomb suit vibe so I took a chapter out of the bomb squads book and extended the collar of the coat so it fully covers your neck. 

WHY ARE THERE SO MANY POCKETS? I honestly just wanted to use the coat for snowboarding and I always have tons of snacks with me when I hit the slopes. Wearing a backpack is annoying so I figured I can just distribute my snacks all over my body LOL. I added 4 chest pockets, 1 kangaroo pouch and 2 pockets on each sleeve.

The pants are by far my favorite part! They are mad cozy, soft and warm. Who doesn't want to feel like they are sitting on a cloud.. Matter of fact, it feels like your walking through a cloud! 

Oh and... more pockets :) I threw on 2 cargo pockets on the side of each leg, 2 hidden pockets on the ass side, and 2 OG hip pockets. Snacks are not included.

The puffer is available to purchase separately, so you can get just the pants for $225 (tax and shipping is already included) or just the coat for $275 (this includes the detachable hood/mask and sleeves). 

I also noticed a lot of bigger homies sliding in my DMs and Comments asking for bigger sizes, so I decided to make the largest size for the coat a 5XL and a 51 inch waist for the pants! If you can't find your size, leave a comment with your size requests and I will try and accommodate on a future release!


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