BRUH! Augmented Reality is the Future of Fashion. I haven't totally incorporated AR into my brand yet, but I am dabbling in it and have a serious project in the works. 

How am I currently dabbling in it? If you check my instagram page, I currently have 2 AR filters where you can test a product before buying it! 

First is my AR filter for my Dragon Rug. You can literally turn on your camera on your phone and TEST FIT the rug at your crib! 

My second AR filter is for my Goggled Balaclava masks. You can test fit these masks directly on your face, and try out all the colors using the filter. It's mad dope!

I am working on a project that will take it to the next level though!

Think of a video game like Fortnite or Call of Duty, something first person. Now imagine pulling up to my website but instead of browsing in the traditional way where it is like a scrollable page with pictures and words, you browse as if you are playing a video game 😳 Yeah, you read that right. 

By Summer 2022 my website will literally be a first person video game. You will pull up into my 3D online retail store, you can walk around, view 3D model of my clothes, browse a photo catalogue, and even walk up to a mirror that will activate your phone/laptop camera so that you can VIRTUALLY TRY ON MY CLOTHES!!!!

Trust me, it sounds like I'm telling you something out of a sci-fi movie, but it's not. The technology is here, it just isn't being used as much as it should be! I may not be the first to do this in fashion, but in the underground streetwear community, I am an early adapter. I am beyond excited for this project!!!!

Keep an eye out!


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  • r✫ven

    This sounds extremely creative and very innovative, i am looking forward to this

  • Soroush

    Hey I’d like to get notified when the topless masks r back in stock cuz I’d think they’ll look cool on me cuz I have long curly hair thanks