1. Buy quality clothes.
I got you on this front! By ensuring the best fabrics are used, your clothes will last more than a couple washes.

2. Wash less.
I'm not saying that you should wear dirty clothes, but the more you wash them, the more they lose their quality.

3. Stop throwing your clothes on your computer chair!
To avoid unwanted creases and to maintain the shape of the clothes, hang your clothes and fold it nicely. Plus your parents or significant other will be happy to not see your clothes all over the place.

4. Inside out.
Washing your clothes inside out is good practice. 

5. Cold water.
Washing your clothes in cold water is also good practice and better for the environment. 

6. Let everything air out.
Avoid the dryer! It's the leading abuser of your clothes, plus it eats all your socks. Hang drying your clothes is always the best bet. 

7. Empty your pockets!!
Tissues will make a mess of your laundry. Why do you think you have lints all over your clothes?

8. NEVER put your jeans in the washing machine. 
There's a better way! To get rid of odors: hang jeans in the bathroom before a shower. The steam will keep them fresh. As weird as this may sound, freeze them in a plastic bag for a couple days. Trust me, google it. To get rid of stains, hand wash that area with a rag and some detergent.